Navigating through changes in an international and cultural context

I have a constant focus on what the individuals need to feel safe and thrive through changes and a well-equipped toolbox to create engagement and alignment on all levels in the process.
I furthermore aim at turning the diversity into a competitive advantage in global and international organizations facing changes.

My ambition is to help leaders build teams that thrive through changes in an international context. Be it in situations of fusions from merging or acquisitions. Be it when entering new markets. Be it in international projects. Be it when new diverse and remote teams are formed. Be it when the daily business is constantly being impacted by changes.

My expertise areas

When working as a change manager, management consultant or facilitator to help organizations, teams, leaders and individuals find ways to cope with the complex changes, I continue to fall back on two methods: The cultural intelligence - or the ability to navigate and perform successfully in a cross-cultural context and the LEGO Serious Play method. See below for further explications. 
I use the approaches ss stand alone or incorporated as elements in longer projects.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

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Serious Play

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Performance training


"It is the implementation that makes Marisa different from other consultants and advisors. Marisa is truly interested in the persons she is working with, and her natural ability to get people to open their hearts and minds makes Marisa to a great catalyst in improving the collaboration in any teams.”

Egil NybakkSenior Director, Ørsted

"Marisa’s strong interpersonal skills and straight forward approach, combined with wise and timely application of methodological tools has strengthened my communication skills/style, helped me develop the necessary strategies to get things done and improved my ability to prioritize daily challenges at work. Working with Marisa has provided me with significant insights into how other people perceive me and my behavior, strengthening my ability to interacting with people at multiple levels and from different cultures”.

Peter LarsenHR Director, NKT A/S

She conducted a workshop for Copenhagen Capacity as part of our "Education to Employment” programme about how to communicate with Danes. The workshop was a great success; Marisa was able to really engage the students through discussion about cultural differences in a way that was intelligent, humorous and extremely useful. Even the Danes in the audience were nodding their heads!

Ella DenizotCopenhagen Capacity

With her international experience, excellent facilitation skills and passion for cultural intelligence, Marisa presented topics that made us reflect on the impact of culture in negotiations and she showed us concrete tools to analyze how culture can cause misunderstandings – but more important also how culture can benefit a negotiation in a constructive way.
I will always recommend Marisa to organisations seeking to both maximize their international relations and equip their employees with skills and knowledge to act successfully in an intercultural context. I see that when culture is dealt with correctly from the start it becomes a catalyst for an ideal agreement.”

Mikkel GudsøeNegotiation Institute ApS, Honorary Associated Professor, University of Aarhus
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