Executive Performance Training

My ambition when working with individuals is to dig into the root of e.g. why we behave as we do, why we tell ourselves the stories about ourselves, what we fear, what drives us, what holds us back and why we get up every morning.
Through my work with personal development, I see that the obstacles very often are anchored within ourselves. As are the solutions. In the sessions, I often take the role as a sounding board actively searching for what the roots are made of.
When we have the honest answers to these questions, we also have a solid fundament to set the goals, identify the barriers and craft the solutions.

What others say

“I have learnt a great deal, and I dare say you have an outstanding ability to intertwine cultural with more general aspects of professional interaction. It was really impressive for me to see you navigate these diverse areas with what comes across as rock solid direction and compass, despite the fact that, at least in my eyes, much of it touches on personality and psychological areas which other people only seem to feel comfortable navigating with years of targeted university education in exactly those fields (but then without the cross-cultural aspect) – chapeau, as the French might say!.”

Head of Global Public Affairs, Novozymes

“After having benefitted from Marisa’s skills and competences in the cross-cultural area in various projects for some years, Marisa today plays the role of coach and sparring partner to me.

Marisa’s strong interpersonal skills and straight forward approach, combined with wise and timely application of methodological tools has strengthened my communication skills/style, helped me develop the necessary strategies to get things done and improved my ability to prioritize daily challenges at work. Working with Marisa has provided me with significant insights into how other people perceive me and my behavior, strengthening my ability to interacting with people at multiple levels and from different cultures.”

Peter Larsen, VP HR, FLSmidth A/S