What is CQ –

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is a person’s capability to navigate and perform successfully in a cross-cultural context

Why is it important

As an example about how diverse the workplace has become, in Denmark, two out of three engineers work in a global context.
This means that most engineers interact with colleagues, stakeholders, suppliers, partners and leaders with other cultural backgrounds and often they interact on another language than their mother tongue.

Working in a culturally diverse environment increases the complexity and demands special skills for successful interactions, i.e. Cultural Intelligence.

What we do

To perform in a diverse reality, you need to know your own default reactions and map them against the cultures you interact with, with regards to e.g.:

- Preferred communication style
- Expectations to meetings
- Leadership preferences
- Trust building process
- Conflict solution
- Decision making process
- Feedback
- Time management

Knowledge about the differences and similarities is first step. But it won’t take you all the way.

To be able to function effectively, you need a set of tested strategies to apply in different situations to get the results you need.

Our pupose

is to build awareness of where culture plays a role and develop practical skills to adapt cultural intelligently to the situation to achieve the expected outcome when working in a culturally diverse environment.

Reach out

to hear how we can boost you, your team, project or organization to become more cultural intelligent.